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Today customers are demanding more from their vendors; as a result both are looking for ways to cut costs. As the complexity of software systems increase, so do the challenges faced by customers and vendors. These challenges go hand-in-hand with an increasing number of tedious tasks that consume precious time and conspire to erode your productivity.

The Industrial ECatalog web-based application is an advanced, highly customizable online catalog, that allows vendors and customers to create, save and manage multiple shopping carts. Integration into MRP and ERP solutions allows for seamless Punch-Out and EDI operation.



  • intuitive, customizable user interface allows for company-specific screen layout and designs
  • customer-site-specific catalogs
  • multi-language support
  • ability to handle contract and noncontract items in a single catalog
  • various pricing mechanisms, including the ability to handle zero-priced items and buyouts
  • ability to save and recall multiple shopping carts
  • various import methods to quickly create shopping carts
  • advanced search features allowing users to quickly find items in the catalog and in saved shopping carts
  • customizable tree for searching items
  • ability to expand catalog items to show more catalog item details
  • ability to show stock on hand from single or multiple locations

General items

  • allows for unlimited number of catalog items
  • SAP integration – requisitions can be created from within SAP
  • e-mail, export and print quotations
  • automatic pricing of items when loading saved carts
  • Catalog displays long and short item descriptionsli>
  • price books between suppliers and distributors are automatically updated
  • add buyouts while creating a shopping cart


  • vendors and customers can create and view shopping carts allowing for a unique level of interaction, enhancing the purchasing process.
  • shopping carts are saved indefinitely, allowing customers and vendors to recall information when required. This is useful when looking up past projects history and requisition information.
  • customers to have a single user interface for all suppliers, reducing training, mistakes etc.
  • correct information is loaded for round trip and punchout applications
  • provides a single standard platform to conduct business with suppliers.
  • provides a single end user interface for all suppliers

Import features

  • utility to create catalogs via FTP and Web services
  • utility for vendors to update, create or delete catalog items while creating customer shopping carts